An Eclectic Gift Shop and Bubble Tea Bar

A DUO located on the Marietta Square combining an Eclectic Gift Shop with a Fun and Flavorful Bubble Tea Bar! A Place where you can browse, linger, sip and shop. Discover unique products all while enjoying a delicious gourmet tea or cold brew coffee from the Tea Bar. 

About Us:

At Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar, we are obsessed with good tea and sharing our love for tea with our community. Imagine something you love so much, you know how you  just have to tell everyone about it? Well that's us with tea and just sharing its delicious and healthy qualities wasn't enough for us. That why we opened shop! We are a mother-daughter duo with a small business combining a tea bar and gift shop.  We brew all of our teas in house and our loose leaf teas are sold in our gift shop (the vineyard gift shop) and online. We find that the more we learn about tea, the more we want to know. We love researching tea and learning new ways to use it. (ever take a peppermint tea bath? We have!) But, one thing is for sure,  we do not settle for mediocre tea.  We only serve the finest teas that tastes as good as it is for you! 

Reviews from our fans!

”SOOO happy to have something new, unique and delicious in my neighborhood! Bubble tea is a great alternative to Starbucks down the street if you aren’t a coffee fan. Although, Tiny Bubbles does offer an amazing cold brew coffee! The atmosphere is cool and welcoming, as is the staff.

My favorite tea flavor is the lavender milk tea and the coconut brown sugar signature blend. However I have not tried them all so that may change!! My two-year-old also loves bubble tea—I have to order him his own! Writing this review has already induced another craving... I’ll have to make another visit today :)”
— Yelp User



Historic Marietta Square
21 West Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060
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