Established in 2015.

Tiny Bubble Tea Bar's humble beginnings started with a single Gift Shop in the Marietta Square, specializing in selling high quality Loose Leaf Teas. When blending and selling teas wasn't enough, they decided to start brewing it. In order to introduce a broader audience to their tea, they decided to take it to the next level by combining Tea House quality teas and Taiwanese Bubble Teas. From day one it was a hit with their customers and after only being open for a year, Tiny Bubbles outgrew their tiny space and expanded. More locations coming soon.


"I love what I do because I get to share my love of tea with the community and make it more approachable. This ain't Your Grandma's Cup of TEA. " - Brielle G.


"The best part of running Tiny Bubbles is watching our customers have fun. Our place gives them a place to unwind, meet up with a friend and experience something so different." - Felecia P.